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Cash Advance

Cash Advance

In good condition, the GTS-5 will fetch a tidy sum these days with just 183 GT5-S Panteras ever built. Even rarer, is the Pantera 90 Si model introduced in 1990, with only 38 of these cars produced before it was phased out in 1993 to make way for the carbon fibre bodied Guara. That was a shame really, as the 90 Si was a Marcello Cash loans designed facelift, which included a partial suspension and cash loans redesign and looked superb. Panteras had their day on the big screen too, when no less than four of these cars appeared in the Hollywood hit Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo (1977) and a yellow GTS featured in the original film Gone in 60 seconds (1974).

Sadly, De Tomaso went into voluntary liquidation in 2004, after a deal with a Russian company to build off-road vehicles in Calabria, never quite got off the ground. Not to worry, the poster of the De Tomaso GT5-S is still hanging, albeit on a different wall. The accommodation features a flat-screen TV and DVD player.

There is also a kitchen, equipped with a dishwasher. An oven and coffee machine are also featured. Every unit has a private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

La pay day loan madriguera de Tomaso also includes a terrace. The property also offers packed lunches. An array of activities are offered in the area, such as cycling and pay day loan hiking.

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